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Welcome to Scriblr’s July Newsletter!

After months of preparation and planning, Scriblr is open for business. Bringing a unique approach to marketing and communications to Lyon and France, Scriblr is committed to helping clients do the hard things with ease.

We help you put the right words in front of the right audience at the right moment in order to educate, engage, delight, and convert. With a focus on messaging, positioning, and thought leadership, we’re ready to help you supercharge your business and achieve the growth you seek.

Dylan Kissane
Founder, Scriblr


The Marketers Winning the World Cup


It’s down to four teams at the FIFA Women’s World Cup: Sweden, England, the USA, and The Netherlands. With only a couple of matches remaining in the tournament the winner will shortly be crowned.

But the biggest winners might already be the sponsors behind the tournament and the teams.

Women’s football is proving attractive for companies seeking to reach a young and increasingly mainstream audience. Among the biggest investors are global brands like Nike, Head & Shoulders, and Visa, but there are significant local spends in the UK (BBC, Boots) and Germany (Commerzbank), too.

Check out the analysis, the spends, and some stunning video spots at The Drum.


Lawyers Take Leadership Role


If it seems like there’s been an explosion in thought leadership content in your LinkedIn feeds or elsewhere online, you’re not mistaken.

A report in June from the UK reveals that the country’s biggest law firms are producing tens of thousands more thought leadership pieces than just a few years ago. The average lawyer now publishes 135% more thought leadership content than in 2014 and the top two hundred firms are producing nearly twice as much as they did five years ago.

And it’s not just lawyers: thought leadership is proving effective in helping both senior managers and startup founders establish their expertise and accentuate their authenticity.

Want thought leadership to be part of your marketing strategy? Scriblr can help!


What’s Coming Up


Sistership (9 July, Paris)
B2B Rocks (12 September, Paris)
Platform Economy Summit Europe (16-19 September, Frankfurt)
DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival (16-19 September, Tel Aviv)
France Digitale Day 2019 (18 September, Paris)
Web Summit (4-7 November, Lisbon)


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