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Welcome to Scriblr’s August Newsletter!

So what has the Scriblr team been up to in its first month in business?

We’ve helped our clients complete research for their core corporate messaging and positioning, we’ve helped connect leading industrial analysts with outstanding technology startups, we’ve produced speeches and presentations, and contributed to strategies that will help drive growth in Q3 and Q4 2019, and beyond!

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Dylan Kissane
Founder, Scriblr


Thought Leadership: The A to Z Guide


Thought leadership can be one of the most important components in a company’s content strategy. Positioning a CEO or other C-level executive as an expert in their field and then leveraging their expertise to drive new business is a proven means to grow an enterprise – but do you know what you are doing?

This month Scriblr will release Thought Leadership: The A to Z Guide. This ebook is a ready reference to the basics of thought leadership, how to develop a coherent thought leadership strategy, and what channels to exploit to assure the best bang for the corporate buck.

Available exclusively on the Scriblr website, you can reserve your copy by entering your contact details here.


On Moon Shots


Question: 50 years after man first walked on the moon, what does it mean to be taking a moon shot?

Writing in Wired magazine, Alex Davies suggests that the term ‘moon shot’ has lost all meaning. In a world where every R&D decision is branded ‘revolutionary’ and every new product a ‘breakthrough’, he suggests we need a new term to encompass responses to the biggest challenges of tomorrow.

At Scriblr, well, we disagree – you can read about why on our blog!


What’s Coming Up


B2B Rocks (12 September, Paris)
Platform Economy Summit Europe (16-19 September, Frankfurt)
DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival (16-19 September, Tel Aviv)
France Digitale Day 2019 (18 September, Paris)
SaaStock (14-16 October, Dublin)
Web Summit (4-7 November, Lisbon)
Slush (21-22 November, Helsinki)



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