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Ghostwriting is perhaps the best strategy for taking your ideas and making the compelling to a wider audience.

Chances are you aren’t an expert builder but you still have a vision for your dream home so you call in a real expert, explain that vision, and the architect turns it into reality. A ghostwriter serves the same purpose but for your ideas. A ghostwriter takes your ideas and vision and puts them into words that are compelling, engaging, and that delight the audience. The best ghostwriters embrace your tone, your values, and your own vocabulary to deliver a text that makes you thin, “this is exactly what I wanted to say”; as a result, they can be a strong weapon in your thought leadership arsenal.

Ghostwriters help you to create the content you need to feed your thought leadership strategy. They’ll take your notes or bullet points and craft content that communicates what you want to say in a way that might be out of your reach – and why shouldn’t they? A ghostwriter is not necessarily an expert in your field, but they are an expert in putting words together in a way that allows your expertise to shine through. And just like there aren’t that many people who would commit to designing their own home without training in architecture, a thought leader should take advantage of the expertise of a ghostwriter to help them translate their vision into words that delight your audience.

The best ghostwriters will spend time working closely with their clients to understand their communication preferences, their vocabulary (Do they prefer show or demonstrate? Are they the sort of person who offers congratulations or kudos?), their mission and their vision. They’ll work through multiple drafts to be sure that the final content aligns with the tone of the client, and over time they’ll align closer and closer with the client’s perspective, sometimes so much so that a short email or even voicemail alone is enough to set the ghostwriter working on fresh content.

Investing in a ghostwriter can help a thought leader generate more and better content quickly, and the relationship between ghostwriter and client can be the foundation for future success of a thought leadership strategy.

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