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On Moon Shots

Alex Davies writes in Wired that what we need are moon booms, not moon shots. He makes a good case but I’m not convinced.

Here’s why I’m sticking with moon shot.


Your thought leadership content needs to work hard for you, and that means it needs to work more than just one time. Here’s why and how.

(From ‘Thought Leadership: A to Z’)

Essential Daily Habits

Completing a New York Times Crossword puzzle and journaling in my Day One app are essential daily productivity habits.

Here’s what they bring me.

Newsletter July 2019

Scriblr is live, the FIFA Women’s World Cup is scoring goals on and off the pitch, and thought leadership is on the rise.

Plus all the tech events to watch.

Time to Pivot?

Twitter, Flickr, and GroupOn all did it. There’s no shame in pivoting your startup but it’s important to time that pivot right.

Five signs it’s time for a change.


The right content, in the right form, and delivered via the right channel is the key to thought leadership success no matter your industry.

(From ‘Thought Leadership: A to Z’)


Ghostwriting is perhaps the best strategy for taking your ideas and making the compelling to a wider audience.

(From ‘Thought Leadership: A to Z’)

Review: Bad Blood

Love. Hate. Life. Death. Intrigue. Lies, Deceit. Millions of Dollars.

Bad Blood, the tale of Elizabeth Holmes and the rise and fall of her startup Theranos has it all.


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