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A great video can also be a podcast, a blog post, a GIF, and a slide deck. How? Through atomization.

Your thought leadership content should work hard for you, and that means it needs to work in more than one medium. With a little creativity your content can serve double, triple, or quadruple duty as you take full advantage of the work you’ve done to move your message into new channels.

Every time you create content for your thought leadership program you need to ask yourself the question, how else can I use this? After all, you need to maintain a consistent message and your audience isn’t all in one place. By atomizing your content – that is, by breaking it down into pieces and publishing those pieces where they have the best chance to find an audience – you can make more out of less, and be seen by more of the people you are trying to reach.

Take a simple video where you chat with a colleague or another leader in your field. From a simple video discussion you can:

  • publish the video to your personal and corporate YouTube channel
  • rip the audio to add to your podcast feed
  • transcribe the discussion to generate a blog post
  • use answers to questions in the video as the basis for a Quora post
  • use the transcript as the basis for a slide deck to publish on SlideShare
  • extract a short but meaningful answer to a question as a GIF for social media

If you atomize your content you’ll be able to do more with less, reach a wider audience, and ensure that your message reaches the audience you seek via a channel that your audience appreciates most.

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