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This is Scriblr.

We tell stories.

The right words, at the right time, in the right way, and addressed to the right people can work magic.

We craft blog posts and articles, case studies and white papers, speeches and strategies, and so much more.

We’ll level-up your thought leadership program, support your content marketing strategy, maximize your impact with industry analysts, and engage our creativity to help you educate, engage, and delight. 


Dylan Kissane

In a twenty year career Dylan has told a lot of stories.

He’s worked lunch counters and sold shoes, taught college kids, delivered newspapers and written for them, too.

He’s gathered tales and shared his own as he worked his way through two-dozen countries between his childhood in the Australian outback to his adopted home in France.

Along the way he’s earned a Ph.D., published four books, dozens of articles and scientific papers, hundreds of blog posts, and written millions of words.

He founded Scriblr in 2019.

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Thought Leadership



Analyst Relations

Some Stories We’ve Told


20 Trends in Digital Marketing 2016


Organized: The CEFAM Success Strategy


Wall of Investment

LinkedIn Pulse

Adlai Stevenson’s Second Wind

Blog Post

Models & Data


Beginner’s Guide to Blogging


Destroy the Internet


Using Images on Your Blog


Political Chaos

Blog Post

Building a Team

LinkedIn Pulse

Little Things with Titanic Impact


Improve Engagement with Hashtags

Dylan is an outstanding marketing and content person. I had the pleasure to work with him and develop different inbound acquisition strategies that were a great success. I would recommend Dylan to anybody building a strong digital team with a need for marketing excellence.

Anji Ismail

Founder & CEO, Varanida

Dylan is so good and so fast at what he does that you might be fooled into thinking he has 30 hours in his day. He is a great guy to work with and a razor sharp project leader. He was able to handle all types of projects and challenges and consistently added extra value in terms of strategic, marketing and delivery insight.

Faouzi El Yagoubi

Founder & CTO, DOZ

The scriblr Blog


Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Up on stage in front of your peers, influencers, and clients – this is where you want to be. But how do you make sure you get there?

(From ‘Thought Leadership: A to Z’)

Newsletter August 2019

Newsletter August 2019

Scriblr is a month old, an eBook on thought leadership is coming soon, and we’re debating moon shots in Wired magazine.

Plus all the tech events to watch.



Your thought leadership content needs to work hard for you, and that means it needs to work more than just one time. Here’s why and how.

(From ‘Thought Leadership: A to Z’)


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